acrylic clapper board

Acrylic Colorful Director Video & Film Scene Clapper Board

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Acrylic Colorful Director Video & Film Scene Clapper Board

Portable Colorful Director Video Scene Clapperboard Acrylic Dry Erase Director TV Movie Film Action Slate Clapper Cut Prop

1. Use high quality white acrylic organic material (3mm thick), front side printing, reverse white word

2. Color wooden playing board, embedded magnet, more professional

3. This clapper provides a great decoration/props for the Hollywood party. You can write in chalk and it's easy to wipe it off. The board features black or white panels that can be written with a whiteboard pen, water-based marker or chalk. It is simple and practical, clearly visible, and uses hard wood for the slats. The sound is crisp and loud. Whether you are a movie lover or an amateur filmmaker. Wait, it's a great choice for movie souvenirs. It is very suitable for role-playing, TV series, feature film editing, video production, film and film, film and television photography enthusiasts collection and display of digital camera photography digital props and so on.

4. About the role of the color field board: Because when we are shooting, due to camera settings and director monitor settings, there are some differences between the color and the actual color reflected on the director's monitor. This requires some reference. The effect of the object, the color bar is the same, can provide the director to carry out the standard comparison, and in the later editing the color correction, it is also convenient to compare the color between the physical object and the display, especially for the non-liquid crystal display The editing system, the color and the actual color seen from the liquid crystal display are not consistent, and the color of the display can be well adjusted by comparing with the color strip of the color field board.

5. Product size: 300*250*3mm/11.81*9.84*0.12in

Please allow 1-3mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you.